Toshikobo is a firm specializing in Environmental Planning, Urban Design, and Architecture. As we explore the possibilities of the Web ourselves, we thought we might also take the opportunity of introducing ourselves, and providing some information which may be of interest to either our fellow practitioners or, indeed, the general public. A brief explanation of the major areas of our site is given below, although the whole things is, at the moment, quite provisional, and some features are not yet available.

New at the Virtual Studio: Well, virtually everything at the moment, although we will track major additions as they come on line in the future.

Toshikobo: An Overview
A brief description of Toshikobo providing a glimpse of the services we offer and the design philosophy underlying our work.

Visual Simulation Forum
The use of visualization techniques in planning and development control.
Landscape Forum
Discussions of the use of landscaping in various contexts.
Environmental Forum
Development and Sustainability in a 12 Billion Person World
Planning Guidelines
Planning and Development Guidelines from a Variety of Cities

Image Archives
A selection of Architectural and Urban images from our associates
A selection of utilities &c. created by Toshikobo in the course of its work.
Drawings and 3dObjects created by Toshikobo
Toshikobo Attic
Who knows? This stuff may come in handy some day.....

Toshikobo Gallery
Exhibitions and events of professional or general Interest
Toshikobo Cafe
Of all the gin joints in all the world... Give us a call or leave us a message
External Links
A selection of external links of potential interest

We hope you enjoy browsing through our site. Please contact us with your comments or questions
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